The Best of Analog and Digital in One Place!

Introducing the world to your music is the single most important thing you will do as an artist, musician or band. With the best of both vintage and modern equipment, SoundLot Studio can help you produce a professional, radio-ready product with excellence and quality. With the right combination of digital capture and analog processing, you can record you and your song, EP or full record and bring it home with you in no time. Check out images of our equipment over on the gallery page!

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For studio rates and booking info please give us a call at 561-410-5779 or email us.
We offer hourly, half day, full day and long term lock-out rates.
A deposit is required to confirm your booking or it can be secured with a P.O. from a label/corporation pending credit approval. Balance due at the completion of sessions.
Call us about your specific needs.
Tracking: Studio and Live
We have three studio rooms for tracking which are our Control Room and Live Rooms A and B.
Live Room A is a quiet and cool space measuring 11′ x 10′ and is optimal for recording vocals, acoustic guitars, horns, strings, and other intimate sources
Our Mastering process comprises a hybrid system that incorporates the expertise of digital editing and precision while infusing the warm, exciting character of analog processing, including a full mixdown on an MCI 1/4″ analog reel to reel machine. You will love how your tracks sound across any set speakers!
$100 setup plus $45 per track.
Rehearsal Space
As rockstars, we know the value of practice! As musicians, we also know that finding a place to practice can be rather challenging, especially with neighbors and family members close by reminding us to quiet down. Our rehearsal room boasts a 12′ x 30′ space stocked with a full P.A., mics, amps, drum kit and cool vibe. Working on your stage performance? Our warehouse offers a full 12′ x 16′ x 2′ stage that you can use to pull your entire performance together. When it comes to finding the right rehearsal space, there’s no need to “fret.” Just bring your bandmates and let us worry about the neighbors.